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The RailGenArchive Database currently contains: 1017030 Workings in total.
From this page there are various options for searching the RailGenArchive Database.
Dependant upon the data filter that you chose, you will find details of a selection of the many varied locomotive hauled
passenger workings that could be found all over the British Rail network during the years  1970 - 1999
Note: Workings from other years are also included where known and will appear when searching by loco number.

To view all currently reported workings on any date between 1970 - 1999
Enter the single Date to search for Select a loco filter :
Or : To view all currently reported workings of any BR loco (includes any workings outside the usual date range).
Enter a loco number to search for.
Or : Search by Headcode & Timetable....................
Enter the headcode to search for.Select a timetable : & Loco filter
Or : Old Timewarp style month by month Diary..................
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