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About Us...
Brought to you by the people behind long established gen sites and the 1980s Timewarp
together with a small band of helpers and with your continued assistance, goodwill and support
we will continue to grow this site over the coming months and years?

Our intention is to feature all areas of the BR network and all loco classes without bias to our own personal tastes, and where that is not the case this is entirely a reflection of the info we've been supplied with and NOT intentional, so if you feel that your favourite locos or local area is currently under represented then please get in touch and share your records with us. Also please let us know when you spot errors or disagree with workings shown so that we can look into it and amend as necessary.

The site currently covers the years 1970 - 1999 but we will expand that coverage over time if demand is there and gen forthcoming. At present, any workings reported to us outside that date range will still be added to the site and will be found by using the loco search option.

Contact Us...
Please send us your comments, corrections, new info, best wishes, offers of help, cash etc to...

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We can accept gen in any digital format, but the closer you can come to our prefered format the quicker we can include it.
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