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The RailGenArchive - Credits.

This site builds upon the old Timewarp database, covering the years 1975-1989 and is the offical continuation of that project.
The members of the Rail Gen Archive Group would like to thank the following for all their contributions so far...

John, Ray , Dave B, Kris V, Tommy, Martin, Bryan, John S, Rob F, Tafty, Lenny, Vizz and all the rest that we may have forgotten, and the many more with names we never knew.   Steve Cotton, "Bagpuss", Paul Clyde, Graeme Gleaves, Nick Wheat, Bevan Price, Richard Boyd,   Dave Jolly, Andy Smith, Pip Dunn, SteveH (Hinkley), Mike Parkes, Nick Farrant, Jake, Alan Lea, Tim Rogers,   Ric Soulby, "Bully", Alan Baylis, David Adams, Steve McFarlane, "Rugby Town", Bob Spooner, David Davis,   Andrew Wilson, Andy Cooke, Sean Marshall, Jonathan Wilcox, Dave Mills, Andrew Hill, Tim Eames Jim Nisbet,   "Roger Ramjet", Paul Webster, Tim Proudman, Gareth Davey, Steve Jones, "Gomez", Andy Dunnett, Kevin Watson,   Mark Dean, Andrew Wilkinson, Stevie Wakefield, Peter Calderley, Bill Wilson, Martin McLean, Gary Blyth,   David Nicholas, Ady B, Anthony Hicks, Mark Grainger, Phil Bartlett, Nigel Hayman, Scott Borthwick,   Andrew Monaghan, Steve Marshall - Globe Videos, Tim Knight, John Evans, David Dockray, Chris Short.

Craig Sully, Richard Thomas, Richard Astley, Pete Wilcox, David Brown, G S Clark, Carl Cox, Chris Chadwick,   Craig Sullivan, Steve Dance , Ian Goodwin, Nick Ross, Mike Tetlow, John Hardy,`Mutly`, Jake Atkinson,   the West Yorkshire Roadshow gensheets c/o David Garnett and including gen from: Dave Martin, also Andy Marshall, John Chapman, Trevor Rushworth, Paul Woodcock and many others.   Paul Lemon, Brian Lynn, Tony Traynor, Kevin Heath, Peter Scott, Gary Stratford, Mike (Tipton) Hodge, Mike Hollick,   John Dedman, John Coles, Mick Cartwright, Richard (Sudbury) Cawthorn, Robert Gooding, Les Kent, Kevin Eshelby,   Glenn Rivett, David Harlott, Kevin Heath, Martin Reeve, Richard Rooker, Iain Mclean, 'Faggy', Andrew Hill, Tony Passingham   Julian Lawrance, Mark Harrison,'Outspan', 'Muppet', Gordon Nattrass, Richard Weir and Kevin Scott,   Paul Mayes, Stuart Greer, Richard Howat, Andy Baker. Mike (Jack) Hirst, Bez, Jason Warner, John Wood, Alan Banks,   Steve (Duffield) Thorpe, Ian (The Book) Mandley, Gordon Crawford, "EUROSTARDRIVER", Neil Hirst.

  Kevin Prince, Alistair Lees, Mike Cooper, Andy North, Karl Robinson, Nick Rennie, Si Carter, Phil (Mr Bicester) Short,   STEVE G, Mat Wilson, 'The Timelord', Dave Ledger, 'Mouse', Richard Waterhouse, Lee Nash, Gary Lovett, Colin Williams,   Mark Hornby, Paul Gleave, Mark Nicoll 'The Bishop', Andy Bond, Clive Barlow, Roj Fraser, Mark Widdison, Gareth Dunn, Nick Collins,   Dave Bill, John Mills, Charles Towler, Brian Cuttell, Barrie Williams, Jeremy Hinks, Robert Hay, Kevin McCarthy,   Guy Middleton, Ian Bareham, Derek Sneddon, David Moorcraft, Simon Chilton, Paul Merrick, Mike Tongue,   Tim Clarke, John Stubley, David Downer, John 'Haddenham' Bridge, Jason Clansey, Jerry Dickinson,   Roger Geach, Peter Cooper, John Stephens, Alistair Grieve, Nick B. Mark Grainger, Dave Stretch, David Ledger,   Paul Webber, John Stevens, Colin Brooks, Tim Holden, Colin Rudkin, Tim Onslow, 'Doc', Chris Caley, 'The War Ferret.'.

  Ian Saunders, Mark 'Skids' Skidmore, Robert Callaghan, Peter Hall, Steve Kemp, Robert Frise, Phil S, Mark Walker, David Rapson,   Andrew Monaghan, Simon Chilton, Jon Morgan, Rob Welsford, Chris Walker, Victor Smith, Tohmmm, Denzil Morgan, Andrew Lawson,   John Ellams, Dave S, Fred 'the Skinhead' Lowe, Mark Honey, Jerry Dickinson, Jim Nisbet, Mark Nicoll, 'MIB',   'Ginger Gorilla', 'Pogo', Tony Latham, Simon Hale, Andy Jona, Darren Kennedy, Pete Turtle, Neil Cannon, Andy Young, Dave Williams,   Robin Lush, 'Scooterboy', Derek Gordon, Micheal Doleman, Alivin Knight, Chris Rees, Paul Griffin,   Peter White, James Howie, 'Captain Grey', D Taylor, Tim Brogan, Mike Musty, Les Wearne, Jonathan Morley,   Alan Morley, Andy Thackeray, Andy Pullar,  Andrew Cleave, Peter Kellett, Ivor Bufton, "55022", Andrew Phillips,   Stephen Ford, Neil Scott, John Ball, 'Bigbird', Trevor Machell, Stephen Parker, Reg Atkins, G Hutchison, Martin Benton.

 'Delamere Derek', John Donoghue, "Goyle", John Clifford, Phillip Weaver, Jason Shergold, Derek Riley, Andre,   Russell Covington, Paul Sanderson, Chris Morley, Neil Morgan, Phil Wormald, Paul Isbill, Kevin Law, Paul Smith,   'Deltic Driver', John Simmonds, Pete Rogers, Gary Adams & Dave Warby, Martyn Catlin, Dave Spencer, Dean Tabor,   Andrew Pugsley, Kevin Driscoll, Guy Vincent, Richard Campbell, Brian Reid, Stephen 'Duck' Bolton, Greame Phillips,   Dave Martin, Gary Stratford, Christopher Harriman, Jason Hall, John Coles, Mike Tetlow, Martin Baumann,   Gerard Fletcher "Table 18", Jeremy Oakley, Colin Williams, Steve Hallem, John Simmonds, Pete Stanton, Ted Robinson,   Michael Gibson, Vic Smith, Peter Scott, Andy Hoare, Peter Cooper, Clive Bennett, Barrie Williams, Des Damshaw,   Big Rob, Nick Perring, JCE, Paul Hodgeson, Colin Brooks, Brendan Kilgallon, Christopher Edwards, Malcolm Beard,

  Mikey Naylor, Tosca, Steve Kemp, Tim Clarke, Mick Atkin, Ian Renolds, Mark Nicol, John Donoghue, John Ditcham,   Micheal Carruthers, Darren Kennedy, Andy Weymes, Daryl White, Will Downing, Trevor Machell, Tony Kirkham,   Stuart Greer, Tom Harper, Stephen Ford, POGO, Kevin Law, Colin Williams, Clive Greatorex, Tim Brogan,   John Wood, Si Carter, Leonard Ball, Guy Houston, Roger Geech, Captain Grey, Stuart Roffey, Tosca,   German Helmet, The Pipe, Harry Harper, Phil Baynes, Craig Walsh, Darren Smart, Graham Salt, Neil Thaler,   Tim Brunt, Neil Bootham, Richard Cambell, David Prior, Adrian V Paul, Mike Smith, Chris Bracey,   Karl Johnson, Laurie Ball, 'Poodle', Tim Wallis, Martin Brown, Dave Keogh, Robin Nelson, Martin Street, Mark Dilworth,   Steven Avins, Peter Webster, Tipton, Ian Cowieson, Peter Lovell, Jon Aroussi & The Late Russ Watkins, Keith Courtney.

  Helena Moretti, Eld Jones, Lee Allsopp (Railway Performance Society), The late Ronnie Wheeldon, Steven Wheeldon,   Hans Chowdhury, Rupert Chambers, Neil Young, John Walden, Dave Reid, David Franklin, Andy Hill, Eddie Knorn, Gary Dyble,   Dr Jim, Richard Holland, John Clifford, Steven Dance, Phillip Lindsey, Steve Blythe, Andy Baker, Steve Clarke,   Aaron Calder, Alistair Lees, Denis Cook, David Franklin, Andy Overton, Graham Stafford, Ian McCready, Ian Reynolds,   Malcolm Hinchcliffe, Steve Blythe, Stuart Smith, Martin Turner, Wilson Adams, Guy Middleton, Michael Tanner,   Alan Turton, Simon Thomas, Neil Bridge, Anthony Taylor, Adrian Nicholls, Paul Watkins,    


  We would also like to say a special thanks to Mister C for agreeing to give us all his gen from Anglia Ranger, an excellent website which was put together will the help of "The Captain" who compiled the detailed observation records at Cambridge, along with "The Tabernacle Men" and the "Hundred Men" who were also crucial in compiling the gen.


...And no doubt many more We've missed... more to be added later...

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